We often see several new fashion styles quickly come and go. Yet, there are also a few that have stayed longer than we have thought and are still continuing to influence the latest fashion trends of today.

Here are some of the most notable:

1) Animal Prints


Skins of leopards, zebras, and tigers were brought by Europeans in their homeland after colonizing Africa and Asia in the 18th century.

Soon after, their exotic patterns were reproduced on fabric.

Why it’s still popular:

These eye-catching animal prints can be worn with almost anything, thus they’re seasonless. They can also add a bit of an edge to your wardrobe.

2) Minimalist style


Mod shift dresses and streamlined silhouette first saw their roots in the 1960s. They went on in the 1970s with stretchy jumpsuits and monochromatic jersey dresses.

Why it’s still popular:

Functionality and clean lines have always been regarded as hallmarks of America’s fashion style. An example is a sculptural cuff or a geometric scarf which can be fitted with something very basic.

3) Floral


The flower, being used as an adornment, is a very old trend. In terms of being printed and painted on clothing, however, they’re first seen on Japanese kimonos in as early as year 794. They were also very common on rich Genoese’s velvets in the 14th century.

Why it’s still popular:

Flower is always associated with beauty and it’s likewise a symbol of a woman.
It can also be interpreted in various ways from full-on flower power to soft, water color petals, and more.

4) Military


During the chaotic years of World War II, civilians considered wearing outerwears like government-issued trench coats. Some people in the anti-war movement likewise apportioned camouflage, fatigues, army jackets, and other military wears as symbolic objects of protest.

Soon enough, they became trendsetters as fashionistas start to make them look sporty.

Why it’s still popular:

Military wears are very functional and they have a tough, androgynous appeal that makes them good for both men and women.

5) Ladylike

Also popular in the 1940s, this very feminine look is best seen with a full skirt and a nipped-in waist.
It got a mass appeal in the 1950s and likewise became a popular choice for some of the well-dressed women in the era.

Why it’s still popular:

The ladylike fashion looks very polished, but it’s never over-the-top. It likewise easily complements the curves of every woman who wears it.

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